thousand separator with C#

If you want to output numbers with thousand separators, this can lead to unpleasant effects in multilingual systems. For example, if the data is in “German” format, but the system is set to English, a misinterpretation can occur here, and the double value 110,045 is suddenly displayed or processed as 110045. (the decimal point is then simply interpreted as a separator and makes a few thousand instead of a few hundred).

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“where x in”-SQL query with LINQ

Writing SQL queries for an “in” selection can be tedious for lists in .NET… but it does not have to be!

We switch off: List<CarType> largeTypeList

into: SELECT * FROM CARS WHERE type in ('Audi', 'Ford', 'BMW', 'Nissan', ...)

Thanks to LINQ, you can easily turn a list into an “in” query.

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OS native functions in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms already offers a certain set of cross-platform implemented functions. These are already included in the framework and can be used “out of box”. However, there are certain functionalities which are not accessible without custom programming.

The Xamarin framework offers a wonderful functionallity here to “pick up” such self-written methods from the right platform. The keyword is DependencyService.

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Use task list in Visual Studio

Development environments, in short: IDE (Integrated Development Environment) often offer many useful tools, widgets, extensions, etc. in a sometimes unmanageable framework. If you just want to program quickly, you don’t necessarily need them, but for longer-term projects they make the work much easier.

One tool I would not like to miss is the Task List.

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